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Am i love? am i hate?

A struggle figure me out before anyone else does..

Once again, it's all an act.
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I am a fat closet dyke from NJ. Okay, not really fat, but I will eat you. I couldn't resist the joke ;) I'm only interested in myself, and makeup.

I go to school full time/borderline part time sometimes because I try to work a full time job to put myself through school.

I'm disabled and I'm homeless. From time to time when I'm kicked out the dorms I crash at a friends house or try to sublease an apartment.

Every stranger i meet is already conspiring to screw me over in some way.

I like chocolate sometimes and would never admit to it.

my life~ my thoughts~ get over it.

i cant control everything i think, and sometimes i need a private vent. This journal is dangerous if found.
♥♥..and the freedom of.